Alan has Also recently received a Certificate in Life Skills Consultancy and as a Life Skills Consultant he has acquired skills for stress relief , Yoga breathing exercises , Reframing Negative Thinking , Visualization , Setting Personal Goals , Meditation and Stress relieving Exercises .​

                                 Life Skills Consultant 


Alan Holds an Advanced Certificate in EFT and he now finds that the Combination of Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy and EFT provides Relief , in quite a remarkable way , for a wide range of physical and Psychological problems . As a Professional Therapist , He is committed to helping you swiftly and as effectively as possible .Alan is also a member of The British Institute Of Hypnotherapy( MBIH )

Specializing in EFT

Alan Kirwan

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Udemy Instructor

Firstly I am a Therapist with many years of experience working one to one with clients and it is this work that has inspired me great self help programs that simulate a therapy visit and also many Hypnosis recordings and EFT sessions.