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Hypnosis can work amazingly fast with so little effort. how many times have you improved your quality of life just by closing your eyes and Relaxing 

Law of Attraction

You can have your own personal hypnosis recording recorded There is a Charge of $80 for creating recording and editing a personal hypnosis mp3 or CD payment is in advance via paypal to walkingtallireland@gmail.comOnce payment is received you can forward me information about what you would like the hypnosis session, also some personal background about what happened when you had the anxiety attack as much information perhaps what you were feeling and any thoughts that might have triggered the anxiety or any other information as this helps me get more insight into what you experienced so that I can create a solution focused hypnosis session Also name or nickname your friends and family call you of course hobbies or things you like to do people you admire or who inspire you and as much background as you can to what you would like to change all details are confidential and will only be used to create the most powerful Hypnosis session possible so give me as much specific details as possible. From receipt of payment and details it usually takes about 14 days and as soon as it is ready I will email you a direct download link

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​Use Hypnosis  to Update the Software of your mind with natures gift of hypnosis that allows you to enter a passive relaxed state of mind and body for the use of hypnotherapy treatment to input new positive thoughts attitudes and habits


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