• Your Special Sanctuary Meditation 5:38
  • Sleep Deeply now 21:00
  • Your Truth Meditation 5:15
  • Rainbow Chakra Balancing22:28

 My name is Alan Kirwan I am also  known as ( The EFT Guy ) based  here in County Cavan Ireland  where I have a private Clinic  treating clients with emotional  issues, bad habits, weight loss 

 Quitting smoking and controlling  pain.

 I am a qualified Clinical  Hypnotherapist, NLP Master  practitioner and Trainer, EFT  Advanced Practitioner, Cognitive  behavioural Therapist, Lifeskills      Consultant and Life Coach. 

Private Therapy Sessions 


Quit Smoking

Weight Loss

Improve Confidence

Eliminate Fears

Life Depression

Overcome Bad Habits

Overcome Sexual Problems 

Emotional Problems 

Improve Study Habits

Past Life Regression

​Personalised Recordings 

Personal Development Courses 

These Courses have a life time online access and are also completely downloadable. Each of these  courses will teach you how to apply EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and while each course guides you through a process of dealing with a specific issue once you have learned how to apply EFT you will be able to apply it to every area of your life.

Free Previews on all courses .

Walkingtall Hypnotherapy

Walkingtall Hypnotherapy Personal Development Courses