Personalized Hypnosis Recordings 

You can have your own personal hypnosis recording recorded There is a Charge of $100 for creating recording and editing a personal hypnosis mp3 payment is in advance via paypal to Once payment is received you can forward me information about what you would like the hypnosis session, also some personal background about what happened when you had the anxiety attack as much information perhaps what you were feeling and any thoughts that might have triggered the anxiety or any other information as this helps me get more insight into what you experienced so that I can create a solution focused hypnosis session Also name or nickname your friends and family call you of course hobbies or things you like to do people you admire or who inspire you and as much background as you can to what you would like to change all details are confidential and will only be used to create the most powerful Hypnosis session possible so give me as much specific details as possible. From receipt of payment and details it usually takes about 7 days and as soon as it is ready I will email you a direct download link

Personalized Custom Hypnosis Recordings

Get yourself a personalized Hypnosis Custom Recording to meet your needs

Why should you get something like this you may ask, because you will get a more targeted hypnosis session than you could ever get in a one to one Hypnosis session.

To explain I have been a Hypnotherapist for many years and when you go to most hypnotherapist for a hypnosis session you will get Hypnotized as you would expect and then you will get a hypnosis script read to you that has been created to give you the changes you want, however this script is the same one everyone gets read to them while in hypnosis to make the changes you want weather that be stopping smoking, weight loss or just getting more confidence.

There is a script created for every change you can think of or you may get the more advanced hypnotist like myself who can create suggestions on the fly more personal to your changes than the script to give while you are in Hypnosis.

This is not to say that Scripts don’t work they do but to get the most effective hypnosis session you can you can have a personalized hypnosis recording created customized to your needs without the need for travelling, making appointments, taking time off work and expecting to get the best from your hypnosis session in one go.

To get the best from any hypnosis session a lot of information about you and the changes you want is needed.

It would take multiple sessions to create such a session time most people don’t have so most of the time they give up on the idea and continue on struggling with themselves instead of having the life they should.

There is so many excuses I have heard from people how just avoid coming to make those changes.

Sometimes people think they will tell me all their secrets in Hypnosis.

Your Subconscious mind would never let that happen as its priority is your protection

Sometimes people think they will be made do things in Hypnosis

Again your subconscious mind is always in control and would never let you do anything against your will

Sometimes people think they will not wake up

This has never happened hypnosis is not as deep an experience as everyday sleep as you still are aware at some level and you always awaken from sleep

Sometimes people are afraid of what is being said to them in Hypnosis

This is why getting your own personalized custom recording has even more benefits than a one to one private session because you will receive a copy of the Hypnosis script that has been custom written for your needs. This way you get to know exactly what will be said while in Hypnosis and eliminates any fears or doubts you may have had about being Hypnotized and what suggestions you may receive.

And with those doubts and fears eliminated the hypnosis recording will become even more powerful than any one to one hypnosis session could have been.

Not only that but the recording will be worded in such a way that it can be used many times giving even greater benefits and positive changes.