Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias, OCD

What is Suggestion Therapy?

1. Suggestion Therapy : Based on a solution focused approach to achieve your desired goal this usually takes up to four sessions of positive suggestions been given while in the state of Hypnosis . Examples of solution focused approach are reducing Anxiety Stopping Smoking , Weight Loss , Nail Biting , Confidence Building ,Exam nerves etc.

What is Analytical Therapy?

2. Analytical Therapy : This is used to discover the CAUSE of psychological problems , the objective of Analysis to you bring you to a moment of liberating enlightenment as to the Cause of your symptoms and in doing so you can be fairly confident of release from such symptoms .. Anxiety ,OCD ,Depression ,Panic Attacks etc . This requires a commitment of between eight to twelve sessions of Hypno-Analysis. With these cases we are talking about complete and lasting release by finding and removing the roots of the originating cause of the presenting symptom.

Dip APC (Diploma in Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselling ) 

What Is Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselling ?

3. Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselling : Here your attention is focused on the change , symptom or limitation and the use of a specialized technique is used to map out underlying limiting Beliefs , this map also gives a list of primary and secondary beliefs . In Hypnosis this information is utilized to change those beliefs at a deep level bringing about permanent lasting change .

ADV-EFT ( Advanced Certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique )

What is EFT ?                                                   

4. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) : EFT is a universal healing aid that is in use world wide by those in the healing profession .Compared to other Techniques , EFT is usually quite gentle , and substantial relief is often achieved with little or no physical or emotional pain .EFT is often described as acupuncture without needles , in simplest terms it is an emotional form of acupuncture only without the use of needles .Instead the finger tips are used to stimulate these acupressure points while focused on a goal or emotional release .EFT is based on impressive new discoveries involving the bodies subtle energies and has been found effective in hundreds of documented cases of Abuse , Anxiety relief , Stress , Phobias , OCD , Depression , Grief , addictive cravings and hundreds of physical symptoms including headaches , body pains and breathing difficulties . EFT often works where nothing else will up to three sessions usually brings with it dramatic improvement .

Dip CBT ( Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy )
What is Cognitive Therapy?

Cognitive therapy is a type of therapy used to treat disorders such as depression, anxiety, addiction, phobias and other problems. It involves identifying irrational and distorted thoughts and learning to replace them with realistic and helpful thoughts.

How Cognitive Therapy works?

A thought can cause an emotion. So by changing the way you think, you can change how you feel.

CBT Cognitive behaviour therapy provides new ways of thinking and feeling within a short period of time, this therapy usually takes between 7 - 9 sessions. This is opposed to, often frequently long therapies. Some therapies can go on for many months and even years which, paradoxically holds that person back from going forward. The longer therapy continues, constantly reminds the client, that their problem is something drastic, becomes more reliant on the therapist, with nothing happening in respect to coping or feeling better.


People suffering depression tend to think or ruminate about the same old problem over and over again. Thinking of things in the past that hurt them, or feel guilty about, things they have not accomplished, and that they are useless and hopeless. They say ‘Things will never get better’, ‘I will never be able to have a good relationship, job’, ‘I’m no good at anything’ or ‘it’s my fault things went wrong’. These unrealistic self-critical evaluations develop pessimistic ideas, that create low self-esteem and a sense of hopelessness and helplessness.


Providing cognitive, behavioural CBT, and interpersonal approaches within hypnosis, allows that person to think and feel differently and produces sophisticated ways of overcoming Anxiety . Solutions for relief of General Anxiety Disorder through interventions for  problem solving that are imperative and significantly reduces any  relapses. These coping skills and mechanisms are resources within all of us, which are identified and brought out, to be utilised for the future. Clinical hypnosis creates the effectiveness of psychotherapy, which enables unique specific and positive changes to take place in the depressed individual.

Past Life Regression therapy

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before it is said that we have many lives and that each one is a learning experience that allows our soul to mature and grow other wise known as spiritual development , past life regression offers you a chance to visit these past lives in Hypnosis and review them and the lessons you have learned , from this experience you may begin to understand that this body in this life is just a vehicle for your souls purpose of learning but also the experience will allow you value and get great enjoyment from this life knowing that even the ups and downs of this life are lessons that we learn from and grow knowing that leraning and growing is a wonderful experience we call LIFE .

Regression sessions                   

Private one to one sessions can be recorded so that by listening to the session over and over you will gain even more information each time you listen to them 

Group Sessions are also available but these are not recorded .

Personalized Hypnosis Custom Recordings

Therapy Programs Tailored to your specific needs 

Therapies Available :                                 

Suggestion Therapy
Analytical Therapy
Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Emotional Freedom Technique 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Life Skills
Past Life Regression Therapy 

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Get yourself a personalized Hypnosis Custom Recording to meet your needs

Why should you get something like this you may ask, because you will get a more targeted hypnosis session than you could ever get in a one to one Hypnosis session.

To explain I have been a Hypnotherapist for many years and when you go to most hypnotherapist for a hypnosis session you will get Hypnotized as you would expect and then you will get a hypnosis script read to you that has been created to give you the changes you want, however this script is the same one everyone gets read to them while in hypnosis to make the changes you want weather that be stopping smoking, weight loss or just getting more confidence.

There is a script created for every change you can think of or you may get the more advanced hypnotist like myself who can create suggestions on the fly more personal to your changes than the script to give while you are in Hypnosis.

This is not to say that Scripts don’t work they do but to get the most effective hypnosis session you can you can have a personalized hypnosis recording created customized to your needs without the need for travelling, making appointments, taking time off work and expecting to get the best from your hypnosis session in one go.

To get the best from any hypnosis session a lot of information about you and the changes you want is needed.

It would take multiple sessions to create such a session time most people don’t have so most of the time they give up on the idea and continue on struggling with themselves instead of having the life they should.

There is so many excuses I have heard from people how just avoid coming to make those changes.

Sometimes people think they will tell me all their secrets in Hypnosis.

Your Subconscious mind would never let that happen as its priority is your protection

Sometimes people think they will be made do things in Hypnosis

Again your subconscious mind is always in control and would never let you do anything against your will

Sometimes people think they will not wake up

This has never happened hypnosis is not as deep an experience as everyday sleep as you still are aware at some level and you always awaken from sleep

Sometimes people are afraid of what is being said to them in Hypnosis

This is why getting your own personalized custom recording has even more benefits than a one to one private session because you will receive a copy of the Hypnosis script that has been custom written for your needs. This way you get to know exactly what will be said while in Hypnosis and eliminates any fears or doubts you may have had about being Hypnotized and what suggestions you may receive.

And with those doubts and fears eliminated the hypnosis recording will become even more powerful than any one to one hypnosis session could have been.

Not only that but the recording will be worded in such a way that it can be used many times giving even greater benefits and positive changes.